14 September 2009

whaddya do?Piper has a new preschool. The class time is not my first choice, it's the afternoon slot. I'm really not super psyched about that, but it's okay, she'll manage. It's also not the day schedule I was hoping for...but again...beggars cannot be choosers.

Mon-Tues-Wed 12.30-3.00

Lets just say, it has been an absolute nightmare trying to find her someplace that will work for all of us. There were a few other options out there, but some were out of our price range or had zero availability.
We were able to get her into the Chinese Immersion pre-school on Friday mornings as well. So, it's going to be a crazy year. I'll be driving back and forwards a lot.
Of course, she still has gymnastics..the one thing that remains constant at this point.
Sadly, because she is in the afternoon program she will miss out on playdates with some of her old friends as they are going to school in the mornings. Hopefully though, she'll make a whole new group of buddies that are on the same schedule as her.


Patricia/NYC said...

Glad you found something for Piper! I'm sure she'll make lots of new buddies. Hope it all works out!

Anonymous said...

It will do. You will find something eventually.

Carrie said...

so glad you found something!

Amy said...

Glad you found something!

DiJo said...

Ruby has the exact same schedule! But, for us, it is perfect! I hope Piper loves her new school!!!!!


P.S: Did you get my VM?

Calico Sky said...

So glad you found something! Only another year right?

Michele said...

It will work. I'm glad something can open. You can always switch mid year if something better opens up.