01 December 2009

Christmas letter time
Our local grocery store has letters for Santa, complete with a mailbox. We picked up two last week and this morning we worked on compiling that all important list. Piper is reading now and wanted to sound out her words to write the letter all by herself. I only had to help her with a few words, for the most part she worked it out for herself.
She requested a 'sewing kit', 'Barbie kit', and a toy cat. She told me she wanted to write 'pretty pretty please' Lets hope Santa listens!


Amy said...

If she is already writing that well she should probably bypass kindy and go straight to 1st grade! Very impressive.

Patricia/NYC said...

With a letter like that, how can Santa refuse?!?

Way to go with writing, Piper!

Love it!! And despite your school issues, Piper is exactly where Kiara's Kindergarten class is!! :)

(Thanks for the link...I just ordered all the "goodies" from there the other day! Should be arriving any day now! Amazing what waving a computer wand will do! ;)

Lost and Found said...

So cute!

Kris said...

dear god for a minute there i thought you guys were going to have to take a trip to the pound and bring a real cat home. like you NEED more pressure, right? love the list and she's amazing. my girl has SO much catching up to do!!

Michele said...

Thanks for the pretty pretty translation. I was having a hard time with that part.

Santa has good listening ears.

Calico Sky said...

lol seems like she has mastered the art of knowing just how to get what she wants ;)