22 December 2009

the littlest Snowflower falls in love Today Paisley asked to play in the snow. This comes as quite a surprise because until this moment she has loathed the idea of getting cold and wet at the same time...not just loathed mind you...DETESTED with a passion the mere idea of coming in contact with the white freezing stuff! I have no idea what you are talking about Mummy...I love snow!
See..I told you I loved it!
She has reminded me time and time again "I no like snow"...so today, when the request to play in the snow came I was a little amused, I put on her gloves, snowsuit, hat, and boots to nary a complaint! Imagine my surprise when she rushed into the white powder with whoops of excitement!lovin' the powderready set...fall getting the hang of falling down gracefully
falling down was the best part!I am a Snowflower...I bloom most beautiful in the winter!


Michele said...

Time changes the likes and no likes. And for where you live, not liking the white stuff has to be tough. Glad she has had a change of heart.

Kris said...

she does, doesn't she? bloom most beautiful in the winter. something about all that white backdrop just shows off her gorgeous self.

awesome photos hayley.