22 December 2009

The perennial SnowflowerHyper Activus Lilium longiflorum common garden name - Piper Lily Hannah
a hardy perennial species, flourishes in all climates and blooms especially nicely in cold temperatures. Known to be difficult to train, but if you persevere you will see strong blooms year round. Known to be temperamental despite outward hardiness.
Not suitable for transplantation. Produces sweet scented blossoms, thorned branches can cause discomfort and swelling of the brain, handle with care.

Never dormant. ever.


Patricia/NYC said...

OK...this is the most creative post I've ever read!


Michele said...

And may she always bloom and grow for all the years to come.

C'est moi said...

Beautifully captured in both pictures and words.
These kind of pictures make me want to be a kid again!

Kris said...

best post ever. i am grinning from ear to ear.