17 December 2009

Making a Difference
I wanted to post 10 things we can do together to make a difference this holiday season, I should have done twelve...but I kinda missed the boat on that one. As usual some of my suggestions have a 'eco' twist to them.
1. Call your Senators and demand that the United States of America introduce a healthcare bill for all it's citizens. It's the RIGHT thing to do.
2. Donate to your local foodshelf or Toys for Tots or Coats for Kids...even a small donation will make a big difference for families struggling to make it through the winter & holiday season. 10 boxes of macaroni cost less than 2 lattes from Starbucks!
3. Make less trash! We switched our trash service to once every two weeks and downgraded to the smallest trash bin! It saves us money AND it helps the environment...good grief, where do people think all their trash goes?!
4. REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE! Please recycle as much as you can this holiday season!
5. Switch to non-toxic cleaners for an entire year and beyond!
6. Give your friends, relatives and school teachers reusable grocery bags as gifts or stocking stuffers!
7. buy and eat locally produced foods as much as possible! Buying foods from distant lands have a much higher cost to the environment than buying foods produced within a few hundred miles....do we REALLY need strawberries in winter?
8. Be compasionate to someone who has different opinions
9. Sponsor a child in need...Love without Boundaries, Pearl River Outreach, Heifer International..the list goes on.
10. Give PEACE a chance.


Patricia/NYC said...

Right on, sista-friend!

Michele said...

Great list.

I wish I could find a eco cleaner that works and that doesn't have coconut oil in it. I'm allergic and most on the market have that ingredient. Yuck.

bytheriver said...

Wait! Seriously curious - where do your strawberries come from? Maybe not in 100 miles, but most strawberries come from down the street here - we are strawberry center for the world - or at least the US, but I could be wrong - are you getting strawberries from another country? We have 4-5 growing seasons for strawberries due to the milder climate (ie virtually no snow - 72degrees yesterday. (yes I agree that we should shop locally and buy organic.) Stacy

Calico Sky said...

Fabulous list. It is so important to try to give to this world more than we take. While it can feel like a losing battle, truly the small things really do make a GIANT difference!