05 December 2009

Don't look a free tree in the mouth!It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas over here...the weather has finally started to cool down (today was -10C for all the antipodeans)...we hoofed it over to our Realtors office for their annual Toys for Tots/Santa/free tree extravaganza! Hey, I'm not saying no to a free tree even if it looks like Charlie Browns!
Minnesotan girls use chainsaws!Piper & Paisley revel in the chilly weather
"gah, stinky smoke"
The girls stood in line to see Santa, luckily the line was about 15 minutes long...which brings me to this point...how on earth is the line for Santa so short, but the line for Pioneer Woman 5 hours long? hmmmm. Paisley was unsure she wanted to see Santa...can you tell? I'd rather have a cookie thank you very much!
In Minnesota you get the REAL THING...no fake beards here, this is the ONE!! Piper loved the Big Guy...Paisley was absolutely terrified...but she did send him a letter and hopes that her requests are met! "listen to Mummy & Daddy?
what was that Santa? I wasn't listening?"


Michele said...

Free trees are a great idea. Good for you. And that unsure Paisley face is so cute.

We're still in the "Santa getting used to" faze again this year and hope to finally get a picture with the big guy before the day.

Carrie said...

Love the pic's!

Jonni said...

Girl, I just love FREE! The girls are so adorable and Piper looked like she did awesome sitting on Santa's lap. Such beautiful images of your beautiful girls.


Kris said...

damn it man. i miss these girls SO FREAKING MUCH. and you have got to tell me where to shop, they look SO adorable. seriously. piper looks so grown up, paisley too.

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Looks like fun!! And a free tree, definately taking it. I love Pipers dress...Taya used to have one just like that, I miss those days :(