30 August 2010

I never said I was perfectOkay, so sometimes we eat packaged foods, always organic or natural or vegetarian, but recently our favorite mini corndogs from Morningstar Farms were discontinued...sigh. I loved these, and so did the kidlets. We ate them sparingly, and they were always a feature at birthday parties (I put them on lollipop sticks and made 'mini corndogs on a stick)...I was also hoping that on school 'corndog days' I could substitute the Morningstar Farms variety as an alternative so my girl could have something similar. However, I found this on Amazon and am considering buying it. I can be in control of making the batter from organic ingredients, and also use vegetarian hot dogs or organic grass fed hotdogs.
Tell me I'm crazy...tell me I dont need this...tell me it's silly, because I'm kinda digging it and I need someone to talk me out of it!


Stephanie said...

Why has nobody commented on this?! You totally need it.

Jonni said...

That looks awesome. By the way, have you tried the Morningstar Farms Sausage Patties? I have been eating them for 20+ years and I love them even better than real sausage. That stinks that they discontinued the mini corndogs.