22 August 2010

milestones There is something distinctively Paisley that has been happening this past week...we see it more and more each day, a 'streak' in her personality that brings a smile to our faces. We call it her 'not until I can master the skill will I lower myself into attempting it' streak...
still following?
This week Paisley decided that she finally likes the swings at the park. It's not like we haven't tried on many many many occasions to get her to at least sit on a swing, she just outright refused....until this week, when she asked to be plonked on, pushed a few times and then suddenly, as if she had been doing it her whole life, she started the 'stretch and tuck' propulsion method and there's been no looking back! It's as if she studies her older sister, works it out in her mind when she will be able to attempt and complete the task to a high standard and then there's no looking back. Take for instance the tricycle...she REFUSED point blank to even sit on the trike until late Spring THIS YEAR...it was as if she had a written contract that dissuaded her from attempting it until she turned three(several attempts and several different options did nothing to persuade her otherwise). Once three she sat on the tricycle and off she went. The red radio flyer was the trike du jour. Then today, she marched up to Pipers old bike(aka retired this summer for a larger model), plonked herself on and rode....no encouragement needed, no safety lessons required...she just up and pedaled. DETERMINATION is this child's middle name!

There's just no telling where this personality streak will take her!

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