30 August 2010

redemption for the corn dog postForgive me Jamie for I have sinned...recently (about 18 minutes ago) I found a corndog maker on Amazon.com and I am coveting it. and then I saw your new book 'Jamie at Home' and I am torn...I love your show on the cooking channel, and I really want this book(I already have many of your others - hey a girl can try to make a good impression here)...but the corndog maker...it calls me, it tempts me...it wants me.
"Say 12 Hail Jamies and all will be forgiven"
I like the way you work Mr Oliver.
2 hours later it hit me that I really don't need or want the corn dog maker, it was just a knee jerk reaction to the MSF corn dog discontinuation. I'm really more than capable of making some delicious school lunch treats without something that will clog my already meagre cupboard space.

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