04 August 2010

O lunchbox lunchbox wherefore art thou lunchbox?

In the pursuit of the perfect lunchbox I happened accross these groovy boxes. They caught my attention for several reasons.
1. toxin free plastics - no BPA
2. 4 side clicky clacky snap on lids
3. they are really nicely sized for school lunches
4. some even come with - gasp - dividers! OMG thats almost the perfect bento box right there!
5. they come in an assortment of groovy sizes from HUGEMONGESAUROUS REX to itty bitty snack attack sized.
6. they have glasslock containers too, so Daddy can take his lunch to work and safely microwave it.
I'm not sure where these are widely available, I am waiting to hear back from the customer service rep. Once I get that info I will post the link.


Patricia/NYC said...

Talk about being on the same wavelength...I spent a good part of this evening searching for the perfect BPA-free & PVC-free lunch box for the upcoming school year!

epin said...

Another great lunchbox is PlanetBox: http://www.planetbox.com. My daughters love them, and they are easy to open/close and to keep clean.

Lee said...

The glass thing was a big deal for us since Ellie often takes leftovers to school that the teachers heat up. We got a lovely set with the lock-down tops at Costco.

Jonni said...

Please do tell when you get the details, they are FAB!