22 August 2010

Put the bikes away...it's time for....Scooterville, USA
of course the bike thing wasn't enough of a feat, Paisley also decided to master the scooter her Nana Pam gave her for her birthday! Her sister is a DAREDEVIL on the scooter, I mean seriously death-defying acts of speed that turn my stomach.

How did this Mumma end up with the two most athletic children on the planet? They dont slow down, they NEVER stop...they are energizer bunnies with unlimited solar powered reserves.


Patricia/NYC said...

Yes!!! The scooters are IT here...Kiara mastered that thing on day 1...seriously...back in May...hasn't touched the bike since...is there a support group for parents of daredevils??? I think you & I could chair it! lol!

J said...

We are living the same life!! My kids are both scooter- and bike-obsessed these days too.