12 October 2009

backing up...back to school
Backing up a bit...Piper started school a few weeks ago, well, she started one of her preschools...she actually attends two...but this was her first day at Chinese Immersion preschool...in September.
I practically had to beg her to wear a short sleeve cardigan because I wanted the 'appearance' of fall like weather(stupid stupid me!), it was over 80 and it lasted about 4 minutes before she shed it!
Then...after a week at Nana & Papa's in Colorado, she started her three day a week program. We ended up getting the afternoon program, but we're so glad we switched, it's a lovely school and both of her preschools are in the same building, as is her tap class(musical theatre..more on that later!) The difference in weather was pretty crazy, from the 80's to the 60's in just two weeks...but hey...that's Minnesota for you!


Calico Sky said...

looooove the dress in the bottom picture, very much my style!

Calico Sky said...

p.s. so glad pre-school is going well!

Kris said...

she is so stinkin' adorable. glad she's loving class.