14 October 2009

"Is there a Doctor in the House?"
"Paging Dr Piper stat!"
"Where did you say you went to medical school again?"
"Oh no, Bubby has no heartbeat!"
The amount of entertainment our girls get from this Doctors kit is absolutely amazing! Paisley got this kit on her 2nd birthday from our friends Kam & Naimisha and it gets used almost every day! I guess with Paisley having her surgery, and me having mine, the girls are just used to hospitals and doctors.
six months ago, Piper took the blood pressure cuff and put it around my wrist, she looked up at me and said
"it's okay Mummy, I'm just checking your BLOG pressure"


Faith Hope Love Photography said...

My girls love theirs too!! It is so much fun to watch and listen to them. For cute!!

Patricia/NYC said...

This is also Kiara's favorite...complete with "Momma, go by the desk & make an appointment to see me"

Cute photos!!

Casey said...

They are SO adorable!! Love those dct kits. Em once told me she had to start preschool this year so she could go to med school. Like preschool is a prerequisite for med school? So funny.

I can't believe the snow there!! YIKES!!

Kris said...

so adorable!

Amy said...

Very cute! How are you feeling?

Ty's Parents said...

Dr's kits are so universal and perfect for little boys and girls. I love to hear the conversations that emerge from their mouths.

I would love to be invited to your blog once you go private. We share the same LID 12/11/06 and were a part of the Winterblossom group. I remember finding your blog and thinking you would be fun people to travel with and get to know. Of course we both went with the WC program and our LID's don't mean a thing anymore. I love how you challenge your readers with your beliefs and fight for them.

Melissa said...

so cute!! I remember the doctors kit was always my favorite toy as as little girl :)

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Another Curious George fan? Q's gotta have her CG.

How's everyone feeling?