23 October 2009

best tshirts EVER!Okay, I admit it...we have a thing for tshirts in this house. I've always tried to get the girls upbeat, rockin' and unique t's. Some I've received as gifts...like the super cool Sandbox Threads Obama tshirts Auntie Kris gave the girls! Or the Ramones and Pixes tshirts the girls wore on 'oath day' at the American Consulate in China(I don't have anything against stars and stripes, but seriously IMO nothin' rocks oath day like rock n roll!)
But today...my newest and favorite find are these adorable tshirts from DOGHOUSE!
I found Doghouse on ETSY...I had an idea for personalizing some shirts for the girls and I put out an alchemy request and got a tonne of replies. I loved the ideas DOGHOUSE sent me, and lickety split, I had the cutest shirts in the world with their very own saying on them.
For Piper, I wanted something that expressed her personality...
"I just want to direct"
Plus, it has the most incredible vintage camera on the front and is just too adorable! The white stitching on the black shirt is also tres rockstar chic!
For Paisley, our somewhat shy but incredibly funny child
"I'm laughing on the inside"

Please go check them out...they will do custom hand screening on fantastic quality tshirts...forget Mickey Mouse and lame'o sports teams...get your kids personalized tshirts!



Calico Sky said...

That super stuff just had to be from a Brit - they have rockin style as do you :)

Snowflowers Mum said...

Scottish my friend...of course!

Michele said...

Very cool. I will plan on getting some one of a kind shirts for Jammer and Sunshine to wear in China.

C'est moi said...

Rockin' shirts...love Paisley's...I should get I'mm smiling on the inside for our newly found sour puss

Wendy Maybury said...

I just loved meeting y'all today and those t-shirts are adorable!!