28 October 2009

Zat's Incredible!Meet Violet Incredible...aka Piper(in case the disguise was just too convincing!). She has waited for over 2 years to wear this costume and there was no way that it was going to be a one time deal. On Saturday we met up with some friends for a trick or treat festival in the City burbs(we go every year because it's awesome!)
there was mucho candy.
Then on Tuesday she got to wear it to our local AWESOME grocery store for a Halloween party where she and her little sister cleaned up on high end booty! She also got to dance with some local cheerleaders which I think trumped the candy! from the grocery store to her Gymnastics Team party...complete with a haunted house(which she hated and refused to go in). Then today, she is allowed to wear her costume to school, and on Friday she has a Halloween party at one of her little friends houses and SATURDAY it's actually Halloween. I must say, this is the best year for Halloweenieness EVER!
Don't worry I'll post about Paisley's Lola soon...she has had a waaaay more low key week than her big sister.


Kris said...

glad she gets to use the long awaited costume to the MAX! looks like she's having a blast so far. sadly, we don't even have a costume for MnM yet!

C'est moi said...

Sounds like a great week!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

She makes the PERFECT Violet. Could not have thought of a better alter-ego. The hair, the looks-of-death, the spirit, the whole shebang. Awesome.

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

She is so beautiful...have lots of fun!