12 October 2009

The earliest snowfall in Minnesota in...TWENTY FOUR YEARS! So why on earth do I live here? I have no idea. Look, winter doesn't even start for two months and we're experiencing temps in the 20's and 30's! This just isn't right. At least we got the leaves raked up.
Our trip to the apple orchard in search of pumpkins was interesting..I didn't have my camera, but lets just say, seeing honeycrisp apples covered in snow while still on the tree...well, thats just not right!


Calico Sky said...

I saw this and though YEY snow, how I've missed it. Then I remembered to face it 6 months a year is a tad much!!

Michele said...

There should be a law against snow before December 15th, at the earliest. It sure sucks donkey doo. Keep warm gang. Summer is a long way away.

Deb said...

My comment to this is UGG! My sentiment exactly! :) Thankfully we have a warmer weekend!