19 March 2008

Finally! I got the pic to normal size!!
(to see it in groovy b&w scroll down).

Enjoy Paisley's cute mug, in the
arms of her new family :O)

*and yes, double click on the photo to see it big*
(thanks Patricia!)


Patricia/NYC said...

AND...if you double click on the photo, it's fills up the screen! :) Great way to get an up close view of all the happiness!! ;)

redmaryjanes said...

Wonderful photo...beautiful family : )

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I will say one thing Hayley and Mike... you do look like one very happy family... which of course is always nice to see... the love of a family... take care

Kimber said...

Congratulations to the beautiful family of FOUR!


Rebecca said...

AWESOME picture - Hayley, so happy to see little Paisley with her family at last!!!

Colleen said...

Oh What a beautiful family! Congratulations!

Kerry said...

Congratulations on your little one. Enjoy these first days together. Our first is from Nanchang too. All our best.

Yoli said...

Beautiful family and babies. Is your family complete Hailey? Or are you going for a 3rd?

Wishing you and Mike the very best.


Janelle said...

congratulations! this is a wonderful photo - you look SO happy!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Thanks Kris and Patricia/NYC. The picture is so cute. I loved being able to see it full-size.


Scott, Melissa & Kate said...

Hayley and Mike,

I'm hoping that, by the time you read this, all will be a bit sunnier BUT, if not..., please remember:

...parenting is a marathon, not a sprint.

...Paisley needs you as you need her -- she just doesn't know it yet.

...fatigue doesn't last forever, but love does.

...you have a HUGE network of love and brilliance -- nothing needs to be solved now.

...you have two gorgeous daughters. Even in all the pain and difficulties, take a moment and soak it up.

Sending love, prayers and lots of hugs....

A Special Family said...

tears in my eyes, absolutely beautiful, you all look so beautiful and truly happy!!