18 March 2008

Monday was the offical 'adoption day' for Paisley! We
were up bright and early, but not quite early enough
to grab breakfast! It clearly takes us a lot longer
to get ready in the morning!! Go figure!

We hopped on the bus, and headed off through crazy
Nanchang traffic to three different places...the
registry office, the passport office and the notary
office! At the Registry office Paisley officially
became ours, a Hoppe at last! We also got to meet the
Orphanage Director at that time, and delivered to her
the $600 worth of Robeez shoes that Robeez donated to
the Orphanage at our request! The Director was very
pleased to have some soft safe shoes for the children.

In the afternoon we hopped back on the bus for a trip
to Walmart! Mike broke his boycott for this one...a
true experience! We were able to pick up diapers,
formula and snacks for the next few days. It was hot
as all get out and we were all happy to be back on the
bus and back to the hotel!

Paisley is still very sad, and spends a good part of
the day alternating between screaming and crying! We
managed a small smile and some babbling last night,
but it has yet to happen again since then! We know
how traumatic this is for her so we are giving her
space and time to get to know us.

Mike is the perfect doting Daddy, Paisley completely
freaks out when he leaves the room, I think we have
another Daddy's girl on our hands!

More to follow...


Chelley said...

Bear hugz coming your way!!!

How is Piper?

Susan said...

So thrilled to see you finally as a family! We know its tough traveling w/ TWO! :)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Glad to hear things are slowly coming along... I am sure Piper is loving being the big sister... take care

Stefanie said...

Oh my, that sweet girl is so missing her foster mama. But, as I know you know, that is such a wonderful thing! And soon these tears will be replaced with JOY when she comes to know and trust her new, AWESOME, family!! Can't wait to see some more pictures of that precious little bundle and her proud big sis! :)

DiJo said...

Hi! I am sorry that your precious Paisley is grieving, but as you know so normal and healthy too. I love how you said you are giving her space and giving her time. My guess is by the end of the week, those blooms will open and you will see so much more of who she is. What a blessing that she was in Foster Care where she was being loved on. I will continue to pray that each day gets better and better. Say "hi" to Nanchang for Ruby and me! Glad you got to experience that Wal*Mart!

Melanie said...

Sending lots of hugs your way! I know things will turn around soon - Paisley will realize what a loving family she has soon enough!

Hugs to Miss Piper from Maggie!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

YAY for the newest Hoppe addition!!! I am thinking of you all and hope things are getting easier each day. Piper looks like she is already an amazing big sister! :)

Laurie said...

Congrats! She is beautiful.

cougchick said...

Absolutely fantastic! Congratulations to you all!!!!

Yoli said...

You have been there before, little by little. I am so happy for you.

AnnaB said...

Isn't that WalMart somethin' else? So grateful you are together! So sorry that Paisley is grieving so hard. The Hoppe family looks beautiful as a family of four. Praying for you all.

Cavatica said...