13 March 2008

We love food!

It's a fact! The Hoppes are foodies of the highest
order! Mike is ALWAYS on the scent of a good place to
eat, from corner dives to fancy shmancey Italian
eateries with killer views and food to match. We
stumbled upon 'Spasso' in Harbor City, and before you
knew it we were seated on the terrace overlooking the
harbor and inhaling carpaccio and artichoke &
proscuitto pizza like movie stars...Mike downed a
mojito while Piper & I saved our calories for the
decadent desert, a scoop of Italy's finest strawberry
gelato for Piper and the best cappacino creme brulee
for moi! prego! It definitely was a splurge, but we
had a fabulous time...Piper had the right shades for
the occasion! Just the atmosphere was worth the
experience! The walk home was lovely, we took in the
sights and walked off some of that wonderful Italian
food! Piper also decided 'tapenade' is her new
favorite snack...I told her it was made of 'Olives'
and her face fell...I had to quickly explain that our
dog Olive was in good hands, and that tapenade is made
from 'Olives' that grow on trees...not of the canine
variety! Kids!


Yoli said...

Thinking of you guys.

Tamara said...

Piper looks like quite the chic, composed toddler in her shades sipping her drink!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Oh that's too funny about Olibve (lol).Glad to hear that you guys are having fun and that you are eating great food. Keep the pics coming...:)


Patricia/NYC said...

Are you SURE you don't live in NYC??? lol!
Thinking of you & lots of HUGS from the FOODIES of NYC! ;)

Amy said...

I see you left the MSP airport...are you from MN? We're in the Stillwater area. Have a great trip!