01 February 2008

"I am ever not so well"

Our family now has a majority share in Puff's and Tylenol! We are all feeling a little blue. Piper succumbed last week with a case of the sniffles, and this week it hit Mike and I like a freight train. We have a bad case of the croakies, snotitus, owie heads and sinus-strangularingitus! yuck. I've never been particulary good at taking meds, but yesterday was the worst...I choked on one of the Tylenol's and ended up losing my lunch! Funny how I couldn't taste it when I ate it, but I could as it came back up?? TMI!

Piper sat on the bathroom floor and innocently asked me

"Mummy, are you yakking?"

Between gags and trying furiously not to burst blood vessels in my eyes, I replied

"yes honey"

her reply



AnnaB. in Boise, ID said...

Hayley, I laughed out loud at this one because the conversation between you and Piper was SO funny. I am so sorry that you are all feeling yucky and sinusitis-y! Hoping for a speedy recovery for you all. Thanks so much for your sweet gift for Sarah. You are TOO kind!!

Have a good day!

maia said...

You CHOKED on a Tylenol??
Maybe you better stick to the liquid kind. LOL.
Poor Hayley!

Michele said...

So sorry to tell you that this made me laugh. So sorry that your sinuses are wraging havoc. Same thing here for Jammer. We one antiobiotic round #2. Sending feel better vibes your way.

Patricia/NYC said...

Oh Hayley!!!! Sounds like you've got a case of the creeping crud...ugh! Just got over it myself! Hope you feel better VERY SOON!

When I was sick last week, as Kiara was leaving for school with her daddy, she ran into my room & commanded, "Momma, spit in the bucket ALL DAY!" ...nice

Tamara said...

I hope you're all feeling better soon. I hope you don't get ill too often with that pill issue too!

Carrie&Aaron said...

so sorry you are sick-but piper is so funny!

krj said...

I am laughing my arse off- way to go on compassion little Piper!! Oh God I can't wait to be a mum. Hope you guys are over the "gross" soon!