05 February 2008

I know, let's use the Batphone!
What did I do yesterday? Oh, I called or emailed about 8 different places that makes calls to Chinese orphanages..and as of yet NOONE has been able to get hold of the Directors or anyone at the SWI!
Let me tell you what doesn't help...when I ask a question, like lets say...
"can you contact the orphanage to see if everything is okay?"
and I get this reply
"oh, everything is just fine, your baby just needs her Mommy & Daddy to come and get her"
that...doesn't help...you know why?
because YOU DONT KNOW THAT! You havent spoken to your guides, they havent spoken to the orphanage to see what is going on, and most of all I dont need glib comments that are meant to placate me and make me feel good...I need answers, I need to know that you are trying to get through, I need to know you have your staff in China trying to contact the Directors, I need to know you give a flying rat's arse! The wonderful ladies at OCDF did try to contact the orphanage for us, but noone is picking up the phone. Now, I don't know if that is good news or bad news, but hey, they tried! We have several other 'outside' sources that are also trying. Lets hope today we learn a little more about the situation. Go here to see how other 'sponsored' orphanages are faring, remember that Paisley is in a non-sponsored orphanage, which is why the news on the 'sponsored' ones make me worried.
I just got an email back from Jenny Bowen the Executive director from Half the Sky, she is going to do everything she can to contact Yifeng for us. Thank You!!

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Carrie&Aaron said...

Amen! I love half the sky they do wonderful things!