04 May 2009

Just as we get news that the nicest neighbors on the street are moving away, our resident crazy neighbors are back in business. Remember last summer when the crazy lady next door threatened me with a citizens arrest because our dog was giving her migraines...well she's baaaaaaaack!
We might just have to take the hit, lose money on this house and get the HELL out of Dodge! It infuriates me because she came up to me when I was out in the cul de sac with the girls, and told me I needed to put the dog 'away' because she had been barking all day! uhem, I'd been home half an hour and the poor dog had been kenneled for four hours! She crazy!
Our other option, since moving is pretty much out of the question due to the market being so...and let me use this phrase "in the shitter" these days, is to build a FENCE! A nice big F-U fence along our property line. Take that! The only thing is, that would take a HUGE slice out of any plan to go to New Zealand in the near future.

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Carrie said...

Sorry I have to laugh-we have some crazy people that live behind me that keep feeding my dogs so now instead of them goin out in the yard and coming back in they are barking for the person to come out and feed them! Are people stupid or what?