01 May 2009

Today my wonderful neighbor told us that they are listing their house for sale. I'm happy for them that they will be moving, but I am selfishly sad that our favorite people in the world wont be 50 yards away. I will miss that our girls won't be able to play with the twins every day. I want to move as well, but we have more money in this moneypit than what it's currently worth so we are stuck.
On top of that, my semi annual bout of homesickness for New Zealand has been playing havoc with my emotions.
I really enjoy aspects of the USA, but it's not HOME.


Patricia/NYC said...

It's so hard when good friends & good people move...we've been through this ourselves...hopefully another neat family will move in!

Ty's Parents said...

I hear you despite my family still being in the states, but far away. Prayers to an awesome family taking the place of your current neighbors. It is all a mystery, but these can be fun times wondering.