26 May 2009

we are in troubledeep deep trouble. the kid wants to get married. I mean seriously seriously married. Who the groom is is of no consequence, what matters is the dress, the flowers, the veil, and of course the footwear! What happened to my tomboy? She's gone all princessy. BTW..this outfit was completely designed and put together by Miss Piper...where she got the idea about a veil is beyond me..she's one Disney movie away from serious trouble!


Carrie said...

Hey I have a good looking 7 year old over here-He is the same with "I am going to Marry a good Christian Girl!" like every other day! I told him I have to approve this young lady first! All the girls fight over him! Not sure why but maybe he is the "Mack-Daddy" of the first grade?

JoAnn in NJ said...

Your Snowflower makes a beautiful bride!

Our little K is so in love with getting married that she marries her Daddy quite often (they become "awfully wedded Daddy and Daughter!") and carries flowers and she sings "da dum da dah"...and every toy ring is a "marry ring!"

It's so funny...she really loves being a bride!

Michele said...

Wow. She's planning her wedding already. Yes, you are in serious trouble especially when it comes time for the real thing.

How about getting some pirate and cowboy dress up stuff to add to the pile? Maybe she'll morph into a female Lone Ranger and fight the bad guys.

Casey said...

HAHA!! She could end up a wedding planner!!