13 May 2009

LEAPERToday Piper was accidentally put into a 'make-up' class 3 levels higher than she currently is at gymnastics. I knew something was up when the girls looked at least two years older and a good 12 inches taller. Still, the coach let her train with them for 25 minutes and then put her into another class on the floor for the remainder of the lesson. The second class was also filled with much bigger and older girls but Piper did her very best to keep up. I was a bit worried about her feeling overwhelmed, but at the end of the class both of the coaches came up to me and told me to put Piper into the 'leaper' class which is two levels higher than her current class. I guess they are interested in putting her on the 'team'. We'll see. I signed her up for the summer classes and if she wants to try out at the end of summer we will consider it. I was really impressed what the girls at those levels were doing, handstands and cartwheels on the beam, handstands on the vault, and uneven bar work that looks downright crazy! Uhem...she is only four...I wonder if this is too soon to get so serious?

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