14 May 2009

movin' upPiper's 'graduation' was today, she's movin' on up to the pre-school fours class in the fall and the children had a little concert this morning in celebration.We could not have asked for a better teacher than Mrs Chabot, as you can see, Piper adores her.


Patricia/NYC said...

Congratulaions, Piper!!She will be such a strong leader in that class in the fall!

I still can't get used to school ending in May everywhere but NY. Kiara goes until June 30th!

Beautiful photo of Piper as well!! GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS Snowflowers!

Carrie said...


Michele said...

She's getting to be a big girl! Congratulations!

Jonni said...

Congrats to Piper. I bet she is the cutest and smartest in the class. She is so cute. :)