13 May 2009

a fun filled weekend the birthday girl
Last weekend was a blur ...Nana & Papa came in from Denver to spend the weekend with the girls, we started off with Paisley's 2nd 2nd birthday party..we had a great time with a bunch of wonderful friendsthis one featured an Olivia inspired cake, and Paisley got to wear the fancy Olivia dress our friend Jen made for her. The cakes were deliciouso...mmmmmmm.
Saturday was Piper's soccer game...it was cold and windy but the kids did great. No photos from that game, but here's one from practice. The kids are really getting the hang of it.

Saturday night we saw Piper's ballet recital...it was TWO HOURS LONG...thats about 90 minutes longer than what is considered bearable! She did a great job though and enjoyed being on stage with all her friends.
TA~DA..the big finale
We stopped at a cool restaurant on our way home and had a fantastic dinner on the lake.
for Mothers Day on Sunday we had brunch at one of our favorite places, drove around the lakes and took a trolley ride.
The trolley at Linden Hills
Mike and his Mom


DiJo said...

OK - SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS photo of Paisley!!! She is stunning!!!! Love the cake, the dresses, the whole deal!!!!

It looks like a great weekend!!!! By the way, the beautiful toe point from Piper did not go un-noticed!!
I am impressed!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the ballet picture. Can you post more birthday pics? She looks so cute.

Patricia/NYC said...

Yup...I totally agree...that photo of Paisley is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! And that CAKE!!! Did you make that cake???

Looks like you all had a great weekend!!

Carrie said...

What a fun filled week end! Love the Cake and Dress!

Lost and Found said...

Simply Fabulous! Love the MJ pics and of course the recital and Olivia day.

kris said...

omg HOW did i miss this post?!!! god your girls are so stinkin' BEAUTIFUL!!! and piper goes from rockin' it on the field to that BOW!!

glad paisley had such a great bday celebration!

Jonni said...

Happy belated 2nd birthday Paisley! Sorry I missed this post yesterday. Her pictures are so adorable and what a princess she is.