26 May 2009

za zoo
Whats Memorial Weekend without a trip to the zoo!
The Grizzly Coast - wow...those bears were in fighting form! I love this exhibit, being up close and personal with the bears without fear..(I have a fear...long story, Montana, continental divide hike, grizzly sees kiwi, ignores kiwi much to kiwis delight, kiwi cries remaining 5 miles of hike and vows never to hike in them hills again)...anywho...this exhibit is COOL!
'ello Mr Bear...
and of course there were the TAKIN...the girls love the Takin...seeing that they are from China and look wierd as all get out!
We also enjoyed the Africa exhibit, it's only in town each summer due to the extreme temps in Minnesota in the Winter. Our zoo is host to a lot of cold weather animals, the hot ones have to come for vacation only...then they get to go south like all the old people in the winter! Piper loves the giraffes and zebras, she calls them Melman and Marty(courtesy of Madagasgar the movie)
Piper and nakie Paisley scoping for a better view of Marty and Melman.

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Michele said...

I think all kiddos are animal lovers. Mine is too.