10 May 2009


yeah yeah, Happy Mothers Day...yadda yadda yadda. I'm homesick and there's nothing I can do about it. Do you know how many Mother's Days I've spent with my Mum since 1991? ONE. In 18 bloody years...terrific stuff huh.

On Friday we had a fencing contractor out to quote on the F.U fence we need to put up along the boundary line...can you guess how much it is going to cost? I wont be specific, but it equals two adult tickets to New Zealand(their summer). Fan.bloody.tastic!

Loads going on over the weekend, Piper's ballet recital, visit from the Colorado grandparents, Paisley's 2nd 2nd Birthday party...I'll post about that later, but right now I'm in a lamenting mood.


DiJo said...

I am sorry you are homesick friend! Hopefully, the sunny day to day will help a bit....

Happy Birthday Piper!!


Casey said...

I'm so sorry... I think you should go home! Wait on the fence... PITA neighbor will still be a PITA with a fence.... and then you can do the fence next year!!

Michael, Shelby, Charlotte and Maeve said...

thinking of you

kris said...

i love you sister of my heart. i wish i could send you that ticket home myself so you could see your mum.