29 July 2009

cool ride
Saw this car pull up to the stop sign and couldn't resist snapping a quick shot as he pulled away. Gotta love a Datsun!


Kimi said...

oh my, that brings back memories....we had an 1981 datsun 280zx. i wish i had it now!


nsmorinville said...

For fun!! Did you get the hats..hope they fit, make sure to try and stretch them if they didn't cuz they do stretch easily and then get too big if they are any too big:) Great job on your homework...love it. Hey I have a blog now, check it out www.faithhopelovephotography.blogspot.com Let me know what you think:) Sorry I didn't have your e-mail address here at work:(

Patricia/NYC said...

Wow...a Datsun...now that brings back memories!! ;)

J said...

That was my dream car back in 1984!! I once went out with a guy solely because he drove that car.

Jonni said...

Love this and the reflection on the car looks awesome. Nice job you amazing photographer. :)