05 July 2009

fireworks! the stone arch bridge makes a wonderful platform for the fireworks
These shots are SOOC, no editing, no cropping. I had an absolute blast playing with my camera taking these shots(pardon the pun)! We had a seat near the Stone Arch Bridge and I had no idea exactly where they would shoot them from, but I guess we got lucky. Next time I'll probably get a little bit further away, and maybe use a different lens, but for my first go I'm pretty happy. The girls adored the fireworks display! We were also lucky enough to sit right in front of a fire dancer...I got a few decent shots of that too! I tell you what, my technique needs much improvement and I have a lot to learn but I absolutely LOVE photography!


Lost and Found said...

Ooooop pretty. I threw mine on Flickr

Robin said...

Great firework shots!! What settings did you use on your camera. I love them!!

Michele said...

Very nice. Ours didn't come out that good.