08 July 2009

Help bring Ellis home!
My wonderful friend Kris is adopting a this little cutie from China. It's been a long and winding road to motherhood for Kris, and the heartache and loss she has suffered along the way is astounding. Finally, after five years she saw her daughters face for the first time and knew in her heart that she and this little darling were meant to be together. Once again in the spirit of love, many of us are banding together to help Ellis Gao Mei come home to her forever family. If you can take just 5 minutes to visit her blog, pick up a couple of tickets for her fundraiser, they are only $10 each and the prizes are incredible! Every dollar will help Kris bring Ellis home and get her the treatments and care she needs. You can also grab the button for the fundraiser on Kris' main page, and put it on your blog...spread the word, spread the love!

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