31 July 2009

To Ellis with Love
Our friend Kris is off to China soon to bring her sweet girl Ellis home. When Piper asked to have her face painted at the zoo today it reminded me of her 'cousin' waiting in China!
If you don't know the story of Ellis and her wonderful Mommy Kris, pop over to say hi and if you can, participate in the fundraiser to bring Ellis home! There are some AMAZING prizes but the best prize ever is seeing a little girl with her Mommy for the first time!


Lost and Found said...

Love this

Kris said...

you are SO awesome and piper looks BEAUTIFUL sporting her Ellis butterfly~!!!

Jonni said...

I love this post! When I saw Piper I thought of Ellis right away. So pretty and I can't wait for Kris to bring her beautiful daughter home too. :)