20 July 2009

Minneapolis lights
I am nearing the end of my photography class and I am really going to miss it! We are in week six of an eight week course and I have learnt so much! I cannot wait to take more shots of our awesome city, and of course of the Snowflowers and anyone else who will let me. I took this shot last week as part of my assignment.


C'est moi said...

Fabulous Hayley...what class are you taking?

nsmorinville said...

These are awesome...you are doing great!!! I will be sending your hats tomorrow:)

Kris said...

I still have my photos on that bridge :O) God I miss you guys.

Jonni said...

Amazing! Girl, you are rocking that camera. I asked about the photography assignments in the last post and now see you are taking a class, so please just disregard that.