21 July 2009

My little Fawlty Towers girl
"don't mention ze war!"
You know how I was saying Piper likes to improvise during our little photo ops...well today was no exception. When I asked her to look at me, she put her finger under her nose and said
"not without my moustache!"
zats my girl!
It made me remember this episode of Fawlty Towers with John Cleese!
this isn't meant to be offensive, if you are not familiar with Fawlty Towers, it is the BRILLIANT series that followed Monty Python in the 1970's! Comedy at it's finest!


Patricia/NYC said...

Ahhhhhh...Fawlty Towers....loved that show!!!

What a great closeup of Piper!

nsmorinville said...

she is just too cute...such a character!

Calico Sky said...

Me loooooves the Cleeser.

The hotel that was the inspiration is not far from me.

I'm going to try to find some re-runs on tv today.

Jonni said...

What a gret image of Piper, Hayley. Your photography is really stunning.