27 July 2009

Red White & Blue tooMy Flag. My Nation.
The life of an ex-pat is a funny one, we move away from our country of citizenship because of wanderlust...end up travelling the world then one day you realize you've spent the same time away from your birth country as you spent in it. Next year I will reach that milestone. Hopefully, by the same time the Snowflowers will also have their citizenship and will be proud kiwi's like their Mum! They won't have to choose which one they want to be later on in life as I plan on retaining my citizenship(NZ) and staying a permanent resident(USA) for the rest of time(or until we win the lottery and move to NZ!), for this I am thankful, my girls will have the opportunity to live and work more freely than most, and I am glad I can give them this one little part of who I am...the DNA of my beautiful homeland!


Carrie said...

so sweet- you a great MOM!

Jonni said...

How awesome! I have always heard wonderful things about New Zealand and heard it is quite beautiful as well. And you already know the way I feel about Flight of the Choncords. :)

NZ rates pretty high in my book. And I know Piper and Paisley will love it too.


Calico Sky said...

I can so relate. It is very hard to live with one foot in each country, because no matter where you are, you still grieve for the other. Today as I was leaving the hospital, where I waited 10 minutes to be seen (and they apologized for the wait - can you imagine?!) with my free medications, I heard nurses call patients Love and Dear and I just thought I love you England, you are home to me. But then, to grow my family, the reality is I have another home, I'm blessed to have another country of birth where adoption is easier, where there are people I love so I have to move from one home to another.
I think you'll get home to NZ, work out a plan, even if it takes 10 years (high school is a good time to start NZ life for Piper right?). I know adopters here who did that, so desperate to buy a small plot of land, to really live, they made it happen, little by little, saving towards a moving fund each month and they're now home and loving it. As I always say, keep your eye on the prize.

Hmm....so you'll have citizenship for both girls next year. Will the celebration include a trip home to see the grandparents?

C'est moi said...

As an Irish born person who obtained US citizenship my kids can still have both as can I retain my Irish passport - Ireland allows dual citizenship. Is this not the same in NZ?