17 July 2009

Thinking about fall....ugh
why you might ask...well, today is unseasonably chilly and I was thinking about what the girls need for the Fall and beyond. I just checked the box of shoes I put aside from Piper and for some reason either Piper wore out her size 6's or I forgot to save any of them, I have a ton of size 7's but no size 6's? So I am beginning the hunt for winter shoes for Paisley. I already found a kickin' deal for sneakers on Amazon. We NEVER...let me repeat that NEVER EVER EVER pay retail...I just can't bring myself to do it...so I shop the sales, Nordstrom rack, eBay, Amazon and Land's End overstocks for almost everything.
Paisley is lucky...she has a lot of Piper's hand me downs, on the other hand, I have nothing for Piper yet. Well, I have jeans, but I need to get snowpants, a winter jacket and snowboots...ugh. A friend in MA sent us two awesome coats from her twins but they will fit next winter so I have stored them away.
The thing about winter in Minnesota is that you NEED the warmest possible gear you can find...so decent quality coats, snowboats and pants are a must!
I'm off to Nordstrom Rack this afternoon with a very small budget and high hopes of scoring some winter boots!
Oh, and I will be listing some of Paisleys kick arse shoes and clothes from last winter to help us pay for this winters provisions, so keep your eyes on my ebay listings...I have some excellent shoes she wore just a few times, Aster, Primigi, Stride Rite etc and a lot of fall and holiday dresses from Matilda Jane, Gymboree, Biscotti and Little Mass!


Wendy said...

Zappos.com has great really good quality winter boots for kids, I have bought there for two years for my five year old and am so pleased. You can get some really great prices, just watch because they can change prices within a day or two so if you see the bargain, grab it!

Lost and Found said...

I have 6' and 6.5 but can't send them til we get back.

Anonymous said...

Fall? Already? Bummer! I am going to have to find new haunts in Atlanta.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I fear that QQ will be a size 7 by winter! OOOOOOOOOFFFFF! Shoes are my greatest difficulty when it comes to keeping her in stock (not to mention that she often takes one off and drop it somewhere along the way, never to be seen again.
Fortunately for us, we have an AWESOME (and cheap!) resale store for babies nearby. Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed that they stay in business, because I don't know what to do without them.

Jonni said...

I know, I can hardly believe Fall is almost here. I hear ya on the savings stuff. I am like The Nanny Fran Drescher "Never pay retail". I LOVE a bargain. Happy deal finding sweetie.