28 July 2009

I give myself an F for effort. Oh how I sucketh today. I left my assignment to the last moment because last night, my 'real' night for taking photos I was dealing with the pain from having two moles removed from my face whilst also nursing a sprained big toe(seriosly, I was a m.e.s.s!)...was I in the mood to take photos...heck no, I was in the mood for nothing more than a bowl of Ben & Jerry's with a tylenol chaser! The thing is...excuses aside..I did a crappy job on my photography assignment this week and I have given myself a failing grade. It hasn't been marked yet, but I don't like what I submitted so I am not only miffed with myself for not rescheduling my dermatologist appointment, but I am miffed that I submitted somthing I don't like and would never show a 'client' if the day ever comes when I have actual 'clients'!
I took these two photos tonight, neither are very good but I'm putting them up to remind myself I can do better.
my patient and extremely hungry husband. I asked this sweet girl if she would mind if I took her photo for an assignment, she was adorable, I wish I'd got her number so I could do a real shoot with her! That hair screams AWESOME to me!


Jill said...

You may have given yourself a F for a grade on your assignment, but you can give yourself an A in the good lookin' hubby dept. LOL!
Hope you are feeling better!
Hugs, Jill

patrish said...


Hayley, I think these two photos are great and don't worry about the assignment. Every week I've been driving myself crazy to get the "perfect" picture for the assignment, think I have something great, submit it and then feel like I failed and should have tried harder or submitted something entirely different. For me I think it's the pressure I feel when something is "assigned"... Hey, after this class is over lets encourage each other to keep up the creativity with our photographs and to continue with our skills! Yes, I was reading J* blog. I find it a bit discouraging though because I feel like everything just fell into her lap - or so it seems from reading months of her life in only an hour or so. Anyway, I have a huge list of blogs, websites, and such that I look at regularly so if you're ever interested I could email you all the links. I'll just need your email. Have a good night and thanks for visiting my blog!

DiJo said...

You are way TOO hard on yourself!!!! And, I think these two pics are awesome!!! Just re-submit that pic of Mike or that fabulous redhead now!!!!

You have serious talent Hayley!!!!


Kimi said...

Okay, I think you are being to hard on yourself. What is so bad....Look at your models...very cool hubby you got there and the girl....LOVE LOVE LOVE her look! I think we have the exact same taste!


Carrie said...

Her eyes are amazing!