28 June 2009

cherry and the spoon bridgeToday we had a wonderful Sunday. Mike left bright and early for a mountain bike ride. When he got home we headed off to our new 'favorite' breakfast cafe in the City, we like to try one every other week from our 'green guide' book, because it's good to try new places and it's awesome if you have coupons!). We took a walk through one of the neighborhoods we long to reside in(insert pained sigh), and browsed in the small stores that lined the street next to the restaurant. After a scrumdiddlyumptious meal and thoroughly satiated, we headed to Centennial Lakes for a stroll and a paddle boat ride. Piper and her Daddy took to the water while Paisley and I looked on. After ice cream we headed home for a short nap and to pack a picnic. We jumped into the car, and headed back to the City for an early dinner at the Sculpture garden. I tried to get a few decent shots of the cherry and spoon bridge, but it was 4pm and still pretty bright. If you look closely, you will see a rainbow in the bottom right hand corner...kind of cool, as across the street a festival for gay rights had just ended.
After a stroll through the park we headed home with two extremely sleepy Snowflowers....just the way we like it!


Michele said...

That is one really neat sculpture. Where is the huge bowl of ice cream to go with it?

Patricia/NYC said...

Ahhhh...love Claus Oldenburg sculptures!! So cool that you captured the rainbow too!

Yoli said...

Very cool shots, especially the rainbow being present after the gay pride parade. That was touching.