28 June 2009

My wonderful husband is tired. dog tired. He works hard, even harder since the layoffs at the company he works for...taking on more and more work. He's not alone, many like him are shouldering the burden of those vacated chairs and offices. Yet, he finds the time to put his daughters to bed and read them their favorite story every.single.night!. He's home for dinner by 6pm, even if that means he is back on his laptop by 8. My husband is tired.
He needs a vacation.


Sam said...

Yep. Seeing that look here too. At least he doesn't have the threat of "you may have to go to India this summer" hanging over his head. *sigh* Sending all of you hugs!

Yoli said...

What a good man. I thought this was a picture of a movie star. He is handsome.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

My husband can empathize. he's in the same boat. And both sick and tired at the moment. No rest for the weary.