20 June 2009

she shoots...she scores!It was a hot start to the day...we hit 80 before we even touched the soccer field...thats kinda hot for us up here in the North. The kids were sweatin' it out and playing like Manchester United! I'm so proud of how far the team has come in the last couple of months...they actively pass, dribble and score goals...the best part is watching their team spirit and good sportsmanship build game after game.
Piper scored a goal today and was incredibly proud. I didn't get the shot because I was pfaffing around with my camera settings trying to handle shooting in manual, which by the way...I completely suck at! I'm doing an online class right now and in a bit over my head but it's challenging and I'm going to get it..one day...and then I wont miss the big shots!


Patricia/NYC said...

YAY Piper!!! Great shots, momma!
We're rooting for you here in NYC!

Michele said...

Thanks for the glimpse of what we will surely be in for one day soon.

Kris said...

way to go Piper!!! so proud of "my" girl :) give her a high five from auntie kris in florida!!!