03 June 2009

Oh Canada...and other snipits
conversation in line at the bank...
"Mummy, wouldn't it be silly if a bird sat on my head"
"that would be silly Piper"
"what would it do up there?"
"I don't know, but it might poo on your head!"
"does that happen Mummy? really truly?"
"it has happened"
"oh, does it happen in Cananda too?"
later that day Piper tells Paisley a bedtime story..
"Paisley, in Canada there are really big crabs...it's really freezing up there in Canada, you can turn into an ice cube"
"ice coob Piper"
"if we go to Canada a bird might poo on your head...Mummy told me it happens all the time"
"ew yuk poop"
"I know...it's disgusting"
who needs television when you have two kids!


Lost and Found said...

Now THAT is funny

J said...

I hope you're writing this stuff down somewhere. We should publish a book with all the funny stuff our kids say. Maybe it would pay for their college. Or therapy.

Jonni said...

I love it, must be a Minnesota, New Zealand, Chinese, American type thing (lol).


Jonni said...


I saw your post about this weekend's workshop and then it disappeared. Hope you had a great time and I can't wait to see your awesome pics!