10 June 2009

playing with lightroom
I have no idea what I'm doing...yet
I just downloaded the 30 day free trial for lightroom, and although Deb gave us a wonderful tutorial at her workshop, I was completely lost because I've NEVER used any kind of post processing software...frankly it terrifies me! However...I'm going to conquer this thing, *I'm gonna learn me some good ole photographic manipulations and I'm gonna get good at this thing if it kills me.
Now don't get me wrong, I don't aspire to the heights of those super-mega-fancy-schmancey-blogger-mommas out there with the megabuckaroos invested in all the gadgetaramas and software bonanzas...after all, we are a single income family and we have to eat. What I do hope to do is slowly build a small collection of gear that I can use to take photos of my Snowflowers and hopefully one day I will get good enough to take photos of friends children.
*note: I don't regularly manipulate the English language like this...I just thought the post called for some holla'speak.


Lost and Found said...

Oh the fun you will have. I can't wait to see your workshop pics

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I shared your drive to greatness.

Kris said...

you are SO gonna rock this- you have the eye and all it takes is a little knowledge. trust me, i don't have much myself it just took a lot of patience!! love that pic of my neice.. now get on over and come see YOUR new niece and her cousin!!

Michael, Shelby, Charlotte and Maeve said...

The photo of Piper looks great. I think you are going to do great things.

Jonni said...

Beautiful job sweetie. You are doing so good. I know, it is so hard with one income. We are in the same position. You keep on being the fab photographer you are and clients will be lining up to get you to shoot their families. I believe in you and your awesome abilities.