20 June 2009

shooting in manual
Introducing Foo...our Jiangxi puppy
Like I mentioned earlier, I'm doing this online photography class...it's a wee bit intimidating, as was my PFP workshop...I kinda feel a little like Charlie Brown when his teacher is trying to impart some academic gem that will save his life...but all he hears is "wah wah wah"....well, I'm spending hours reading my manual and the field guide for my camera and, funnily enough some of the information is finally settling in. I might be losing some other important information, but danggammit my brain can only hold so much, and if I cannot remember my phone number or my daughters birthdays then so be it!
Tonight I tried messing with 'manual' mode, this is very intimidating to me. I mean there are some pretty nifty settings on this camera I have to admit, but to have to manipulate each and every part of the equation to make a good photograph is a little more daunting than I thought...so...my self imposed exercise was to take a photo indoors, at night, with low ambient light. I meddled with the ISO, the aperture, the f-stop and the exposure...and for a while I ended up with very fuzzy or very dark photos...until this one. Admittedly, it is not the most well composed photo, the rule of thirds has not been applied, but I sucked it up.
I'm learning me some technique!

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Robin said...

very nice!! I didn't realize that you shot this indoors in manual... I'm very impressed!!