01 June 2009

"ice ceeeem pleeez""nummy"
da kid loves ice cream, although admittedly only half of what is in the cone makes it into her tummy! Todays flavor is chocolate chocolate chip...mmmmmmmessssy!


Kimi said...

Nummy Nummy...that looks like it tasted really good!

She is a CUTIE PIE....I bet they both hear that all the time!


Patricia/NYC said...

Perfect testimony for a most delicious ice cream cone!!

Cavatica said...

Yum!!! My girl loves it too and can eat a lot of it!

kris said...

oh this is a girl after my own heart :O) and one of my favoritest flavors ever. yummo miss paisley, you are one smart chocolate chip!

Jonni said...

I second that, that sure looks nummy! What a cutie your Paisley is and Piper too!