18 June 2009

Lazy Summer Day
Mike took this week off so we could do some jobs around the house and just hang out as a family. It has been so nice, really low key. We pulled out a bunch of bushes ready for the new fence to go in, we did paperwork and housework, and grilled out as much as we could...but most of the time we just hung out with the girls. We don't have a fancy swimming pool but the girls seem to do just fine in the little paddling pool I picked up on amazon. The neat thing is that when it's time to change the water the Snowflowers help me water all the plants with the pool water! aaaah, Al Gore would be proud!
Another GREAT summer item for the Snowflowers is this super cheap water table I got them last year...it provides HOURS upon HOURS of solid entertainment! Who knew!

there was even reciprocal hair washing...which led to this...and THIS!and the customary waterboarding of Ariel.the girls have about one million swimsuits, but honestly the bulk of them came courtesy of our friend Lisa in NY who keeps Paisley clothed in style! Thanks Lisa!


Calico Sky said...

Hayles. I can't wait to spend a lazy summer day with you all!

Your sister's shop is amazing. She has pure talent!!!

Patricia/NYC said...

Oh my gosh...SUN!!! You have SUN!!! Not only sun, but weather warm enough to SWIM!! I am so jealous! We haven't seen sun since, hmmm, I don't remember...water we've seen, as in RAIN...but no sun.

Great photos! Love the hair washing! Piper's hair is sooo long! Love it!

Anonymous said...

mucho fun.