27 June 2009

jumpin' jamboree!
Today was the Red Rhino's last day of Soccer for the season. They played two games and Piper scored a couple of goals. Piper has been somewhat of an instigator of love on her team, in the first weeks the boys didn't want to come within two feet of the girls, but she worked her magic and slowly but surely she has turned their team into the love~bunch, lots of hugs and kisses all around. I was a long way away from this when it happened, but I love how her team-mate closed his eyes when he went in for the embrace.so cute!


Patricia/NYC said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Is that the CUTEST photo!!!!

"One love, One heart, let's get together & feel alright!"

Way to go, Piper!!

Anonymous said...

That is a hoot. I am glad she is having fun while playing.

Kris said...

so SWEET! and man i'm just so psyched to see her on the field!