11 December 2007

Ipods and air miles and flying monkeys - oh my!

Only one week to go and we still have 47 tickets to sell!!! Don't worry, we'll still draw a winner on the 18th regardless of how many tickets go. I'm so grateful to everyone for purchasing a ticket or two...or EIGHT(you know who you are!). Every, I mean every little bit counts!

We are also putting out the call for anyone who has leftover NWA frequent flier miles that would consider donating them to us so we can use them for our domestic portion of our trip. We were able to use them last time, but this time we don't have enough of them 'banked'. Thanks to Mike's Aunt who is transferring her earned miles directly to Mike's account, we have enough for one domestic flight. We'd love to collect enough for Piper & I as well so we can keep our costs down. We have also decided to only purchase a lap ticket for Paisley, she will be almost a year old when we get her(fingers crossed) and we hope she will be okay sleeping on our laps or sharing a seat with Piper. We also hope we have enough room on the plane with only 3 seats and 4 people for 15 hours!!!

wait a minute...two grown ups, one three year old and a screaming one year old on a fifteeen hour trip...in three small economy seats with our knees up by our ears??!!! I have to go and lie down...just thinking about it makes me get heartburn.

and here it is...your moment of Zen...

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