19 December 2007

Where the Good Things are...
Wow! The other day I was searching for something to occupy Piper's mind for a few minutes as I got dinner ready. I did a quick search on our cable menu and found that they offer Scholastic books animated...I just had to check it out so I put on Chrysanthemum...then I put on Harry the Dirty Dog(one of my childhood favorites and Piper loves it too)...and before you know it I was as sucked in as Piper, the melodious voice of Meryl Streep carried us through one of the stories and I kept on wanting to hear more and more.
Then I found that there was a set of animated classics available at Amazon.
Guess what Piper is getting for her birthday!
Honestly, if you have kids, and you want to avoid mindless TV shows, try these Scholastic books that are animated. Very very sweet! I loved Chrysanthemum so much I ordered the book!


Patricia/NYC said...

These ARE great!! We got a set as a gift last year & Kiara just LOOOOOOOVES "Chick a Chick a Boom Boom" & "Harold & the Purple Crayon"...ENJOY without the tv guilt! :)

Mike & Ramona said...

We have Good-night Gorilla and it is one of Katie-Beth's absolute favorites! Carl is beginning to love it too. I am definitely going to have to get some more!