02 December 2007

It snowed on Saturday...and it was COLD! Piper was in seventh heaven! She asked if she could go outside about 100 times before we said she could. Once suited up in layers upon layers of warm gear, Daddy & Piper hit the slopes...well...they looked like slopes to a two year old!

Daddy got out the sleigh and took Piper for an Indy 500 race around the cul de sac! You have to admit, snow is more fun at a faster speed!

After half an hour Piper was completely wiped out and we all came inside for hot apple cider and fresh cookies! The first snow is always the most fun, it's lovely this time of year, but ask me again in March when it's four months of snow, ice, wind, snow...and more snow! But for now I'll take pleasure in watching my two favorite people in the world revel in is powdery perfection.


Verna said...

Hi Hoppes! We are the Andersons from North of the Mpls Metro area. The snow sure was pretty. Mya loved it too.

OziMum said...

Ok. HOT apple cider? Man, America has some weird treats?!!!

The snow looks fantastic - cooling me down!!! It's sposed to hit 37C, on Thurs!!!

tiffany said...

I LOVE the snow! Well not being IN it so much as looking AT it. :) We are getting some cold here but no SNOW. And now today I think its warming up. Is this Christmas weather??

Looks like FUN. :)

Matthew said...

Happy Birthday Hayley! I had a great time visiting you all yesterday. Thanks for putting me to work ;)

I don't think I even did enough to earn my lunch.

See you all again soon.


Doris & Dan said...

Sounds like a great way to welcome in the snowy season!

Keep smilin!

Auntie G said...

I can't believe how much snow you got!! It was 70 degrees here on Saturday. Great day for decorating the outdoors for Christmas.

Patricia/NYC said...

Agreed! That first snow is magical!
It snowed here too on Sunday, but, sadly, it's all gone now :(
Kiara did manage to get out there with Frank & catch some flakes on her tongue, though! :)

Mei Mei Journal said...

Lucky!!!! It is raining here in PA. Not so much fun.

Tamara said...

I miss that kind of snow. It does make for a beautiful Christmas.

kris said...

Oh what fun it is to ride with daddy pulling the sled!

A Special Family said...

Oh it's sooooooooooo beautiful! I miss the snow!!!!
Piper looks adorable :)

yummy...hot apple cider!

Did you get my email?? 13 hours baby!

Carrie&Aaron said...

wow I miss snow-grew up in New York-but living in FL!

Amy said...

We got snow this weekend too...so we took Olivia out for her 1st snow fall. She seemed to enjoy it cause she didn't want to come back inside :)